Our Ears Indicate A Lot About Our Health And These 6 Factors Should Not Be Ignored

Our Ears Indicate A Lot About Our Health And These 6 Factors Should Not Be Ignored

The stuff that our body produces, indicate a lot about our health. It’s gross, I know, but is also the simplest way to find what is wrong with our body. The color of our pee, saliva, and poop can signal whether there’s a potential breach in our health or that if we are good. Surprisingly, even the sole appearance of certain parts of our body can also warn us if something’s wrong. Take these ears, for example, the way they look and the wax they ooze out, indicate a lot about our health. So if you haven’t noticed them up until now, it’s time.

Go straight to the mirror and look for a diagonal crease on your earlobes. If you have an unwrinkled and smooth skin, and can’t see any crease, enjoy. If you do, chances are that you might be in potential danger of having a heart disease. 80% of people having a wrinkled earlobe were predicted to have been diagnosed with a heart disease. This diagonal fold on the earlobe is called Frank’s line.

In cases when you experience a severe ear pain, do not blame your ears for causing the trouble. There are high chances that this pain might be rooted deep down your jaws. In a majority of such cases, there’s nothing wrong with the ear and the pain could be solely due to the joint between the jaws and the bones.

They may look and appear cute, but it could make you prone to kidney diseases and eczema. Having small ears is directly linked to having small ear canals, which elevates the chances of developing eczema of ears. An ear surgeon noted a link between small ears and underdeveloped kidneys. People having ears smaller than the eye level have a high chance of suffering from kidney related issues. It could be now or in near future.

Have you ever experienced your ears turning scorching red in the heat of the moment? Well, chances are that your body might be having an adrenal insufficiency. Adrenal glands on top of the kidneys are responsible for producing adrenaline which helps in dealing the human body with stressful situations. However, having your ears turn red could be closely related to having low blood pressure, the danger of kidney damage, and a number of other health ailments.

A continuous humming, ringing, buzzing, hissing or whistling noise within an ear might be a condition related to tinnitus. According to health experts, this noise may come from one or both ears, or from within the head. Attending a loud music concert or any such event might induce a short-lived tinnitus in the ear. However, if the buzzing continuous for a considerably long time, this could be a sign of chronic tinnitus indicating a more serious ear problem.