5 Posts So Bizarre You Will Want To Unread Them.

5 Posts So Bizarre You Will Want To Unread Them.

There are some posts which are really funny, then there are some which are sad and then there comes some bizarre posts reading which you are not sure you should laugh or feel sad. Here’s a list of such posts reading which you’ll immediately want to unread them.

1. This is deep.

This is bizarre because it’s hard to understand is he trying to make a joke out of it or trying to tell about his life struggle. Many kids are raised by a single parent, mostly their mothers. And the emptiness creates a great impact on the child’s mind. That emptiness is clearly depicted in this picture.

2. Cheating can never be good.

This kind of posts compels you to raise a question about what has happened to this generation? And what kind of a bizarre word is ‘side chick’? The fact that the guy is boasting about this so openly itself is disgusting.

3. What kind of a breakfast is that?

Avocados in a milk bowl? Who can have that kind of a preference? Then again I am no one to judge. You decide what you think of this post.

4. Death Sentence.

Heartfelt wish from someone who was always let down by his friends. Great idea to them realise though (if they at all have feelings).

5. Choose your favourite words very selectively.